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The Audio Guide to African Animals
  • Informative Audio Guide Playback

    NO NEED TO READ, simply listen and learn about African animals through our informative audio playback.

  • Amazing Image Library

    View a range of images for a chosen animal all professionally and informatively shot.

  • Ask a question

    Ask a question and get interactive with our facebook and twitter pages

  • Interactive gaming

    Get the family involved in our fun and exciting Spotting game.

  • Animal Sounds

    Listen to animals communicate

  • Works offline

    No need to rely on signal in those remote parks

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Going on safari without a guide is like watching a National Geographic documentary on silent. The Whispers of the Wild app allows you to turn up the volume on your safari experience.

Landing Page Wildlife App

Whispers of the Wild welcomes you to the African safari experience. Interact with African animals in a way never before experienced.

Index Page Wildlife App

Beautiful, user-friendly design. Navigate between pages, never stop listening to the audio.

Animals Page Wildlife App

The app covers 50+ species of African mammal. Tools help you to identify the animal: search by size, category or letter.

Animals Profile Wildlife App

Stunning photographs help you to ID the animal and differentiate males, females and juveniles.

Animals Profile 2 Wildlife App

Profiles include safety advice, animal sounds and basic written facts.

Animals Audio Wildlife App

350+ minutes of audio is broken into 1-2 min long tracks, arranged by topic. Find the information you are looking for fast.

Animals Maps Wildlife App

Whispers of the Wild can be used in game parks across Southern and East Africa. Distribution maps show where you can expect to spot different African mammal species.

Animals Tracks Wildlife App

Realistic footprints identify what African animals have passed before you in a nature reserve.

Animals Ask a Question Wildlife App

Unanswered questions can be referred to the Whispers of the Wild Facebook and Twitter pages. Interact and learn with the Whispers of the Wild community.

Animals Game Page 1 Wildlife App

Compete with friends and family to see who is the best game spotter with our interactive game. Keep the kids entertained on those long game drives.

Animals Game Page 2 Wildlife App

The winner gets the bragging rights …until the next game drive that is.

EWT Wildlife App

Do your bit for conservation. Whispers of the Wild allows you to donate to our Conservation Partner, the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

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The app will be ready in March 2015,...