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To hunt or not to hunt

Commercial hunting is one of the most polarising issues in all of conservation. Those opposed to hunting often shout from the rafters that hunting denudes the land of its wildlife, and is a treat to conservation worldwide. Hunting enthusiasts on the other hand claim that despite what logic might tell you, killing animals is actually […]

The alcoholic elephant

In 2011, my friend and I went on a 4×4 trip through Botswana. We had just arrived at Savuti camp in the Chobe National Park after a long drive and after lunch we set up our tent and settled in for an afternoon nap. My sleep was interrupted by a swooshing noise which struck me […]

Battle of the Giants

The game drive had stopped on an open grassy plain for a sundown drink and the game ranger invited everyone to step out and stretch their legs. He turned to me, an 18-year-old volunteer who was assisting him on the drive, and asked me to keep an eye out while he entertained the guests. I […]